„Inversija" Technical Requirements

The group consists of 4 musicians: bass, guitar, drums, hurdy-gurdy.
3 of them sing.


Drums: Kick 22"x 18" (amplifying mandatory)
            Rack Tom 13" 14" (amplifying mandatory)
            Floor Tom 16" (amplifying mandatory)
            Hardware: Snare stand
                             5 Cymbal boom stands
                             High Hat stand
             Chair with adjustable height for drummer
             Carpet for drums (size 1,5x2 meters)     


Bass:  Bass amplifier 300W or more (like Ampeg, Trace Elliot, Gallien-Krueger)
          Stand for guitar


Guitar: Amplifier (for example Marshall JCM 900 or Mesa Boogie)
           Stand for guitar


Hurdy-gurdy:  DI-box


3 microphones (for example Shure beta 58 or Beta 57)

3 tripod boom microphone stands

4 monitor lines on the stage (one monitor per musician)


Sound director

Light director 

The group needs sound check before the concert. Duration of sound check: 1 - 1.5 hours.